Any individual, academic entity, campus news web site or professional organization may join the Intercollegiate Online News Network. We are a fast-growing organization and welcome new members who share in our mission and goals.

At present, there are no membership dues.

Joining, of course, implies that you are in agreement with the goals of the organization found on the bylaws page of this site.

If you represent a campus news web site, you will need to agree to share the original content of your site with other members of ICONN.

Individuals may join the organization by joining the ICONN Facebook group.

In all other cases, those wishing to join this organization — campus news web sites, departmental programs, and professional organizations — should get in touch with Jim Stovall at jgstovall at

Again, there is no cost for any individual or organization that wants to join.

Take a look at our current membership lists of campus organizations and professional affiliates.

Intercollegiate Online News Network


c/o Jim Stovall | School of Journalism and Electronic Media | University of Tennessee | Knoxville, TN 37996 | 865.974.5109 | Email: jgstovall at


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