JeffersonNet CMS

The JeffersonNet content management system is a WordPress-based content management system that will allow you to begin your high school or collegiate news web site immediately.

There is no charge for using the system or for the server space where it resides. Potential users should have reserved a domain name for their site. (You can do this at a site such as The cost is normally less than $10 per year.)

The system currently offers user three templates so that they can select the look of their site.

Other features of the CMS include

privileges and permissions controls that regulate who can get on the CMS and who can post onto the live site;

  • a statistics and analytics package;
  • approved templates that can give a site a distinctive look;
  • WordPress’ well-tested and stable backbone.

Initially, the system will contain three advertising containers where nationally sold advertising will be placed. Websites may choose not to have advertising. Those that accept advertising will be able to share in the revenue generated by those advertisements. Advertising will be strictly regulated so that the ads are appropriate for a collegiate news website.

Websites that use the JeffersonNet content management system must agree to certain conditions for its use, mainly having to do with the management and technical integrity of the system.

The JeffersonNet content management system was developed by Jeff Stovall for the Intercollegiate Online News Network..

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